Who we are

Kesef Advisors is a boutique advisory firm managing investment portfolios and financial requirements of specific business families, HNIs and Trusts on a fee-only basis. While we curate and recommend strategies customized to every client, we focus on consolidation and simplifying the financial labyrinth.

We strive to assist our clients with services that are usually reserved for Ultra-affluent family offices; act as a fiduciary & aim to build better long-term relationships. Our open architecture platform provides access to best in class solutions and services

Our mission is to persistently focus our energies in assisting our clients in building investment portfolios through a process that is both easy to understand and effective in meeting financial goals whilst helping you sustain the lifestyle you lead. At Kesef, we value our independence from products and are passionate about our integrity that helps us craft and deliver tailor-made solutions for our clients.

What we offer


No man steps into the same river twice. Under similar circumstances, the paths taken by different people to reach similar financial goals can be different, because their needs, objectives, risk appetites and outlook can vary by different degrees. As a goal-based advisory we focus on planning and not buying products.


Through our Portfolio Advisory Services, we address the full spectrum of your Wealth Management needs through a vast array of independent solutions. We collaborate with you and look out for innovative opportunities, to help your assets grow as per your specific goals and risk tolerance.


A key part of a managing portfolios is the back-office solutions that makes your life worry free. In addition to our Financial Planning and Wealth Management Services we offer a suite of administrative solutions that provide organizing, clarity and simplification to individuals and families with complex financial lives or limited time.

Philanthropy SERVICES

One of the joys of building wealth is that it helps promote the greater good. We help spread the goodness that life has bestowed upon you. Whatever facets of life you value and cherish, we help you to continue supporting them through philanthropy.