No man steps into the same river twice. Under similar circumstances, the paths taken by different people to reach similar financial goals can be different, because their needs, objectives, risk appetites and outlook can vary by different degrees. As a goal-based advisory we focus on planning and not buying products. We strive to understand what is important to you and where you are in relation to those goals, your risk tolerance and the types of investments you are comfortable with. Our main objective is to help you remain disciplined with the financial strategies designed for your goals.

The aspects we cover in the process are as below.


Life's little joys and agonies continue even after you have hung up your boots. We believe one must plan for one's future irrespective of whether one is a few years from retirement or many years away from it. Retirement planning should be a crucial part of your overall wealth strategy. We explore your options and chart a course to reach your destination based on the lifestyle you desire and the age at which you wish to retire. In the process we also help you manage the intermediate cash flows ─ what comes in and what goes out, with a focus on the long-term goals.


There is no escaping tax and given a changing tax environment, it is important to consider tax strategies when developing your overall wealth plan. Our objective is to minimize the difference between the pre-tax and post-tax returns and also manage your capital gains or loss account. We not only advise the best solutions under the circumstances to reduce your tax liability, but we also do tax forecast and planning that works in conjunction with your overall wealth plan to ensure your financial future is well laid out. Taxes may be inevitable, but a higher deduction need not be predestined.


Developing an effective estate plan is as important as growing one’s wealth. Through our strategic alliances and consulting lawyers, we assist you in writing a Will & creating a Trust to ensure your legacy is passed on to your heirs, future generations and supports causes dear to your heart. We ensure that your estate plan distributes assets according to your wishes, while ensuring that as much wealth as possible is passed on by minimizing taxes or other potential costs.

The 4 main types of Trusts are as below:

  • Living Trust – A trust formed during the life of the Settlor/Testator.
  • Testamentary – A trust that is established after the Settlor /Testator’s death.
  • Revocable – A trust where the Settlor has control and can be altered
  • Irrevocable – A trust in which once formed, the settlor does not have any control on the trust assets nor can he/she alter the beneficiaries or Trust deed


An unforeseen eventuality of loss of the earning member, a frivolous law suit due to a business deal gone sour or attachment of the assets of a guarantor to a loan. While the probability of such an event seems low it could seriously impact the lifestyle and wellbeing of a family. We assist you in designing a well-structured risk management plan by identifying, comprehending and mitigating the risks in your portfolio.

The plan usually includes:

  • Assessing your existing insurance policies & strategies.
  • Evaluating your life insurance needs with disability and critical illness covers.
  • Medical Cover for your family.
  • Asset protection strategies thru Trusts.