How it started

Kesef was founded in Sep 2016 with one strong idea – Pure Investment Advice!

Having worked for more than a decade in banking & financial services, I recognized that businesses & clients had conflicting interests. Most businesses were either product-focused or revenue-driven. While I enjoyed what I did, I wasn’t satisfied with the process. I wanted a structure that was transparent, unbiased, and free from conflicts of interest.

Pure Investment Advice is the core guiding principle at Kesef. Our processes and systems centre around this guiding principle which we believe is the cornerstone of Kesef’s success

We are a team of like-minded individuals, passionate about pure advisory and always acting in the client’s best interest. Our independence from products makes the difference.

Our Philosophy

We believe in a long-term strategic approach to asset allocation with tactical adjustments depending on the market trends. With our selection methodology, we identify a diverse group of fund managers who we believe can deliver superior risk-adjusted returns over time.

Founder & Principal Consultant

Our Team

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Operations Associate

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