Through our Portfolio Advisory Services, we address the full spectrum of your wealth management needs through a vast array of independent solutions. We collaborate with you and look out for innovative opportunities to help your assets grow as per your specific goals and risk tolerance.

As fee-only, adviser we are always guided to act in your best interest. We provide customized solutions that ensure our clients have better control over their finances over their lifetime and peace of mind. We have developed strategic alliances with some of the large institutions in global research, which provide us independent and extensive market research, which also guides our investment strategy and asset allocation decisions.

Suitability: Ideal for clients with an investable surplus of USD 1 million
Management: Active
Portfolio Monitoring Frequency: Monthly
Portfolio Reviews: Quarterly

No man steps into the same river twice. Under similar circumstances, the paths taken by different people to reach similar financial goals can be different because their needs, objectives, risk appetites, and outlook can vary by different degrees. As a goal-based advisory, we focus on planning and not buying products. We strive to understand what is important to you and where you are in relation to your goals, risk tolerance and the investment options you are comfortable with. Our main objective is to help you remain disciplined with the financial strategies designed for your goals.

A comprehensive financial plan covers the aspects below with an estimated average time spent on each of them. Charges for the services are based on the number of hours spent, and the level of complexity depends on the services you choose.

  1. Cash flow & Retirement Planning – 6 hours
  2. Investment Analysis & Tax Planning – 6 hours
  3. Risk Management & Insurance – 4 hours
  4. Estate Planning Counsel / Design – 6 hours

Suitability: Early-stage professionals in the accumulation phase
Management: Passive
Portfolio Monitoring Frequency: Annual
Portfolio Reviews: Annual

A key part of managing portfolios is the back-office solutions that make your life worry-free. In addition to our Financial Planning and Portfolio Advisory services, we offer a suite of administrative solutions that provide organizing, clarity and simplification to individuals and families with complex financial lives or limited time.

Our scope of work mainly includes the following:

  • Consolidated portfolio reporting across Advisors
  • Capital gain & bank statements for tax filing
  • Cash flow statements
  • Custody accounts
  • Vendor sourcing for your specific requirements

One of the joys of building wealth is that it helps promote the greater good. We help spread the goodness that life has bestowed upon you. Whatever facets of life you value and cherish, we help you to continue supporting them through philanthropy. As we discover your core values, we devise plans that support causes dear to your heart in different ways and ensure your legacy brings cheer to people that can do with that little help or back ideas and endeavours that you believe must be supported to make this world a better place.

While we work with some select organizations in the areas of healthcare & education, we can also assist you with the following:

  • Identifying organizations that best suit your interests
  • Site visit and document verification of the organization
  • Set up funds to generate an ongoing stream of income revenue for the right welfare organization
  • Develop strategies to maximize the tax advantage